{Outfit Details}
Coat - Forever 21
Shirt - Winners
Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Payless
Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet - Forever 21

Guys, you're all the best! Thanks for all the feedback and love on yesterday's boots!

I can't believe this is my 91st blog post. Time FLYS when you're doing something you love.
I feel the same way towards work lately. I'm starting to see that I'm actually being helpful and am contributing to the faculty! Its so cool.

Along with that, I've been sort of obsessed with certain things lately...
+ work
+ loose, billowy tops
+ reading novels
+ (of course) my boots
+ leggings
+ my sock bun hairstyle
+ and chocolate..

"If you crave chocolate, it doesn’t mean your body has a chocolate deficiency, although I think most people would prefer that. Chocolate is high in magnesium."
Magnesium deficiency maybe? I've always had low iron too.
Hmm where are those multi-vitamins.

[PS, I've been trying to 'open up' without opening up? Trying to write more about myself to be connected with you guys a a deeper level than clothing, but not giving away too much that I don't want to. How am I doing? And going from topic to topic is natural for me, haha. I can say ten thousand things in ten minutes.]


  1. Hi Kel, yes my parents used to own a dry cleaners.  Mac and cheese has grease in it so you need to take it to the cleaners.  Forget trying to get it out with water because you'll create a water stain!  You are doing an awesome job with your posts, no TMI at all ;)

  2. WOW 91?!? Crazy. Time just flies, in general. Pink looks good on you.
    I crave chocolate allllllll the time.

  3. I wonder how many I've done...scary thought haha. This is so cute, too bad bare legs won't be feasible for much longer :P I'm on a cake kick still, I love anything cake-like in texture. I'm thinking of making pumpkin bread soon, just so I can have my house smell like magic and happiness lol.

    It's always hard to open up, I found it was easiest to try and write something then see if it feels okay. You should never say more than you want to about your personal life, but fun stories or little quirks about yourself help you to connect with readers. Or so I think it does anyways haha.

  4. How cool! Congrats on 91 posts... I wonder what number I'm at?! Now I'm curious!!

    Love these shoes and the color of your necklace :)

    I think it's all up to you how much you're willing to share. I've written posts before on personal topics and then deleted them because I felt it was TMI. I think the longer I blog the more comfortable I will get opening up - although I have shared a fair amount about my daily life. I think you have a good balance of sharing positive aspects of your life on top of clothing-talk.

  5. Clara Turbay10/26/2011

    Very stylish!