windy city

{Outfit Details}

- Jeans Experts (Gifted)

Dress (Worn as a top) - Le Chateau (Gifted)
Skirt - Urban Planet
- Go Jane

- Ardene

- Forever 21 & Sirens

Blown Glass Studs
- from Italy (Gifted)

If you couldn't tell by my hair, today was exceptionally windy. Guess Hurricane Maria only left us a fart.
She did mess up my hair though, so I still got beef with her.

Since my hair was messed, I decided to try the rollers again. (Every time I try to roll my hair, I wear them for like 16 hours and in the morning it looks like I never had anything in to begin with.)
HOWEVER this time I've got some secret weapons... My nana gave me her rollers from eons ago, along with this little vintage puppy. Exact same, except my case and cap is yellow with blue and green flowers. I'm wearing it now, as I type.

I know, I'm totally the coolest person you know.


  1. ahaha omg the rollers! what a babe, you look like you should be on Golden Girls. That being said these pictures today are smokin', you're a total smoke show /h8u

  2. Jessica D9/18/2011

    Hey! I finally found a minute to look through all of your blog posts to date. You have some really nice pictures, so photogenic! I haven't seen you in person in very long time, but you look great! So jealous of the wardrobe btw. Take care  

  3. aww thanks bb :) i hope these rollers work!

  4. Doriskirby9/18/2011

    Hi there Kelly, wow, nice site and great pics...oh ya love the retro rollers, brings me right back to the day!!!

  5. Haha, the hurricane fart made me laugh. I love that skinny red belt, it really pulls the outfit together!

    Ok and those rollers are ridiculous and awesome! Hope it works well :)

  6. i'm really loving the print of the top!  absolutely lovely!

    cute & little