trousers 2.0

{Outfit Details}
Top - Forever 21
Pants - Suzy Shier
Shoes - Soft Moc
Necklace - Vintage (Gifted)
Studs - Forever 21
Bracelet - Autism Society (Gifted-Bought in support of the A.S)

There's a few things that I think of when I look at this post. . .
I always save pants for rainy days.
These 'trousers' as my nana calls them fit me MUCH better than the last ones..
(and yeah, let's not link back there)
What the heck is up with the bottom color of my hair?!
And I know I should be wearing heels, but couldn't justify them walking to and from work, in the rain, as well as running around the office.

As per usual, I threw on my leggings with this top and a belt to go to the bank/mall after supper. Maybe I should take one or two pics of my 'transitions' for errands? I usually just change the bottoms though. What do you guys think?

Bought a few things at the mall tonight, you'll see some pieces soon :)

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  1. Transition sounds good too. These pants do fit you better than the last! I hate wearing most pants in the rain though because i hate when the bottoms get splashed on and then there's a wetness happening. Like allll winter with the snow and slush i always wear leggings or tights. Your hair is getting so long!