{Outfit Details}
Dress - Urban Planet
T-shirt - Forever 21
Belt - Forever 21
Flats - GoJane
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Hoops - (Gifted)

Woke up today and, naturally, my foot ached more than yesterday. So this day totally started off on the wrong foot (oh the pun!) Hubby had to work, so he treated me with a little time to myself and 2 hours of retail therapy. It works wonders people! I still hurt as I limped around the mall, and the thrift store but a little less than I would have at home ;)

I feel like I should do a 'Thrifty Finds' or a 'Haul' post... I've mentioned shopping few times now! Or maybe that means I need to cool it on the spending.
Yeah, probably that last one.
But I have changed the way I shop! If it can't be mixed into my current wardrobe with other things, it can't come home with me.

I hate to say it, but I'll be wearing flats for the next few days. Oh the sadness! Hopefully I'll be better by next week, I limped around the uni a few times last year. (Do not want to be known as the 'forever sprained ankle' girl) And I'm dying to show you guys my new ASOS booties.

They are FIERCE!

{Sympathy photo & vote for the win?}


  1. Anonymous9/03/2011

    awww, the last photo is so cute. ahah. the flats totally work though!
    hope you can stop limping around soon! injuries suckk

  2. love the outfit! The colors go so wonderful together!

  3. Man! I tried to comment on this entry like a hundred times!!!!!

    Okay. I was saying...

    I think you should wear more skirts like this!

    Also, the colors look great on you. Serious win!

    A fan of this post!!

    I Can Be Many Things

  4. this outfit is super cute and slimming!! love the colours together!