{Outfit Details}
Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Suzy Shier
Knit Tights - Thrifted
Flats - Go Jane
Necklaces - Ardene & Suzy Shier
Butterfly Ring & Hoops - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Forever 21

Hey guys! Hope your Monday was good. Mine? Well, you can look at the quality and location to tell that. Everything seemed to be going great until I hit 4pm, then it seemed to be madness. Hence the crappy 'by the house' pictures as I call them.
But I'll have it known, we're renting.
I have BIG expectations for my first home...expectations that will abruptly take a nose dive when I hit reality of the housing (I digress, but let's save that house post for the future!)

On a good note, this is my first 'remixed' outfit consisting of this skirt and this top.
I'm pretty pleased at how I took those items and made this outfit totally different!

I did however, had to take my tights off halfway through school because they were warm and itching me...and it looked like I was scratching my bum (it was my thigh okay!?)
I decided to show what the outfit looks like with and without them :)


  1. looked better without em! i hate scratching places that looks like you're scratching other places.

  2. Love it! Also love how your nails pop!

  3. Lizzie9/26/2011

    Holy cow lady, that skirt and owl necklace are fabulous! :) Owls are my fav!

    Thanks for the nice comment on my Crochet Blue Lace post....I hope it doesn't fade either! I will be hand washing it in cold water for sure :)


  4. I like this skirt and the jewelry you chose to go with it. I am iffy with tights too. Sometimes I love them and other times I hate them.

    <3 Rachel

  5. I agree, love the owl necklace! And that skirt is really cute -seems like it will be great for fall.

  6. Mine was filled with lots of almost naps at work. By the house pictures are fine every once in a while. God knows I've done enough of them, especially in the winter when it's just too much work to go any further than my back step! These are totally cute though, with a great backdrop, so it's not as bad as you think.

    Also, cute outfit! I think I like it more without tights. I prefer black tights with everything though, I'm weird like that :P