{Outfit Details}
Dress - Urban Planet
Tank - Forever 21
Leggings - Forever 21
Scarf - Envy
Earrings - Ardene
Bracelet - Autism Society (Gifted)

I was told by a 'certain someone who gave birth to me', to never take pictures on the stairs again. I was told to always wear a belt with this dress.
I am the new employee of the School of Pharmacy for my job placement though I'm pursing Education.
Told the rain where to go and walked to school. In the boots I wore here.
(Not wearing them in this post= more rebellion?)
Totally rebelled today.

Oh yeah, you catch that third thing? I got the placement! I am going to have a BLAST. I get my own desk area to work, with a computer. I am getting a name tag thingy that hangs around your neck (...what! that's important stuff!) I am planning events, taking notes in important meetings, coming up with super ideas and using Excel a lot. Ahhhh. How fun can this job get!
I haven't worked in a few years because of the kids, but man am I ever excited.

I start Tuesday so expect a killer 'office chic' look.


  1. Anonymous9/08/2011

    I really wish I looked like you :P

  2. Anonymous9/09/2011

    I wouldn't worry about pictures on stairs. A bit harder to pull off with angles but this doesn't look too bad.

    I really like the scarf color tho. This really looks like a comfortable outfit.

  3. Anonymous9/09/2011

    This is the first outfit you've done that i'm not crazy for!! And im not quite sure why since it totally looks like something i would wear. Guess it's just not speaking to me!!

    Stair pictures, however, are totally bk!

    Ummm, your eyes are gorgeous and i'm totally excited for you and your important jawb! you're gonna love it im sure.

  4. Anonymous9/09/2011

    Still...lay off the the.outfit...congrats on the job...jealous.
    the woman who gave birth to you. XOXO