i had a clever title but forgot it

{Outfit Details}
Cardigan - Walmart
Top - Winners
Skirt - Suzy Shier
- Spring

- Forever 21

acelet - Vintage
Stud Earrings - Forever 21
- Estee Lauder


Sorry, watching Storage Wars. That show makes me shout. You guys watch it?

I'm pretty proud of my editing today! It was 645pm and I hadn't taken my pictures yet, and as fate would have it, the clouds came, the drizzle started and I looked frazzled.
A little thing called "Presets" and I have a nice boost of color in all my photos!
(Don't make fun! I pressed a few buttons and that's about the extent of my 'editing')

Truth be told I wore black leggings to Starbucks with my momma at night and I actually liked that better than the skirt.
Oh well.

[Why do I look so scared in that last picture?]
That was my 'John take a picture of me looking cold pose' BAHAHA. So here's a laugh to make up for it!


  1. I like this! Nice to see some different shots. The "cold" one is even good too! and i bet it looked super cute with the leggings too.

  2. Amber Johnstone9/15/2011

    I like the outfit. Love the striped cardigan, it does look chilly though!