{Outfit Details}
T-Shirt - Forever 21
Dress (Worn as skirt) - Envy
Wedges - Payless
Belt - Ardene
Bangles - Forever 21 & Vintage (Gifted)
Earrings - Ardene
Sunglasses - Forever 21

I just realized that this dress is hybrid of a bunch different animal prints. I always thought it was a purple giraffe print.
More like a purple giraffe/leopard/zebra/some other animal print.

My nan and a few other people thought this was a skirt, which was my goal. SUCCESS! I scored this little number for 20$ a few years ago, marked down from 89! Honestly, I've only worn this once before...to Costco. John said it was 'too dressy' and I never looked back.
Until today. I'm so glad I didn't get rid of this :)

And I've been on a roll (besides Tuesday) for taking pictures away from my house.
Tomorrow takes the cake, so be prepared ;)


  1. In love with the dress! And i like this outfit. You look gorgeous as always. p.s. john thinks everything that isn't jeans is too dressy. he's a boy (lol) stop listening to him about fashion! :P
    pps take pictures with the nerd mobile!

  2. hey! that was in the past, i never listen to him anymore haha :)