big & small

{Outfit Details}
Cardi - Forever 21 (Gifted)
Tank (Underneath) - Forever 21
Lace Tank - Urban Planet
Skirt - (Gifted & Self Altered)
Belt - Eclipse
Wedges - Payless
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Earrings - Ardene

I originally had another outfit in mind for today but somehow ended up in this one.
The other skirt I had was another one that was given to me, but I altered to my size. It was WAY too big..which was good to see!
( I made it a few months ago, so it was nice to know the gym is paying off)
THEN I put this one on that I also altered and it was WAY too small to be on my hips.
Thus, I having to hike it up so high I had to wear spandex shorts underneath.
To say the least, by body couldn't decide if it was having a "skinny" or "fat day"
(& I'd much rather use the term "bloat day" than fat.)

Mama once told me "if you have to wear shorts underneath, it's too short." I agree BUT if you can't see the shorts and pull off looking cute in a too short skirt, then I say go ahead.

Besides, with heels, there's nothing wrong with a little leg!


  1. This is an Amish outfit compared to anything on Jersey Shore. So as long as your skirt is longer than something snooki would wear, yer good!

  2. Lizzie9/26/2011

    Adorable and not toooo short at all :)

    Hope you will check out my latest outfit post!


  3. kelly,
    here's my bout of honesty (please go to my blog and give me YOUR bout of honesty! i need it!):
    1. the belted waist adds so much definition to your outfit and makes you look SKINNY, so that's a plus -- you are definitely not having a fat day
    2. the colors in this outfit definitely compliment each other and are very fall, so both of these things are awesome
    3. the heels are perfect
    4. not too short at all, and i love the pattern on it
    5. the lace tank TOTALLY works with the white tank under it, i am a fan fan fan of this
    6. the cardi looks perfect over this outfit

    ... this outfit is my favorite you have ever posted, it is the most flattering for your body type, please recreate this look with others in your closet :D high waisted things definitely work for you, belted! awesome!!

    i'm doing feathers and freckles's misfit challenge... oh god! please help!

    i can be many things