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Going Back to School!

For me, there are 'Three C's' for going back to school:
Looking 'chic' in 'classics' that are' comfy'.

Honestly, flats are the best (whether ballet, boots, sneakers, you know? Flat shoes). I do not want blisters on my feet trying to run across campus for a class that is 5 minutes after my last one. Agree?
UNLESS they are very comfy heels, or wedges. Don't sacrifice your comfort while sitting in those awful university chairs. You can still look stylish in classics like blazers, jeans and button ups, by adding pops of color in the accessories!
A bold necklace, bracelet or colored shoes will make you stand out...but be able to stand up!

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  1. Love those pieces! I definitely agree with your three C's, it's the best way to make sure you look good and feel good too!

    Also have to agree with flat shoes. I get blisters in everything though, so my feet just hate me.

    Good luck at university! You'll figure out the easier routes soon enough, it just takes a bit of practice :P