{Outfit Details}
Blazer - (Gifted)
Shirt - Forever 21
Jeggings - Forever 21
Flats - GoJane
Earrings - Forever 21
Necklace - Suzy Shier
Cuff - Forever 21
Bangles - Vintage (Gifted)
Sunglasses - (Gifted)

If you know me, you know that I love Pretty Little Liars. I mean LOVE that show. So when I saw my FAVORITE character WEARING THIS SAME TOP (yes, caps are necessary, they imply my screaming excitement) I totally spazzed.
And I had purchased it before I started watching the show! Aria and I were meant to be.
From then on out, this shirt was dubbed the 'Aria shirt'.
I only wish I had a leather jacket and black combat boots to channel her even further...hmmm.
Every girls needs those in her closet right? (Say yes. Give me an excuse to buy them? ;)

Tomorrow is my first day on the job, and I am attending a board meeting 9am, to take notes so this is a quick post, then I'm off to study then bed. It's already 10:44pm?! Oi. How do I do this everyday?
Expect a bigger post tomorrow, with a long speil, some random facts, pictures, and a blogger award!


  1. Cute necklace and top!! Once I was watching the show "Greek" and one of the main characters was wearing a dress that I owned and I about fell off the couch with excitement... so I know exactly how you felt :D It's so fun seeing something you own on TV.

    Good luck with your first day tomorrow!!

  2. Ahaha YESSSS, looks just like Aria sure. One time i was watching Life With Derek and the girl was wearing the exact same sweater as me....from Walmart. Oh shows that are shot in Newfoundland. ahaha. My experience was not as glamorous or exciting as yours, clearly. lovin this outfit, a lot. You look smokinn'

  3. That's such a cute outfit! I've never watched PLL, but that happened to me with an old sweater I had from the Gap. I saw it on Hannah Montana. Didn't like it as much after that lol. Great look!