never have i ever

{Outfit Details}
Top - Urban Planet
Bikini - Walmart
Cuffed Shorts - Bootlegger
Gladiators - Forever 21
Belt - Levi's
Hoops - Forever 21
Ring - Vintage (Gifted)
Sunglasses - Forever 21

Ever play the game 'Never Have I Ever'? Well, never have I ever wore a top without a back in it. This blogging has gotten me to wear a bikini AND a backless the end of this I'll be wearing nothing! (Just kidding!) I'm glad my wardrobe is more versatile and forgiving then it ever was.
I feel fearless with fashion lately and I love it.

I didn't however, feel like going to the gym tonight and wanted to visit my grandparents. So I decided I'd walk there instead of drive to get my cardio in. I put on the trusty iPod video, and walked to the beat (channeling adele are we?) Plus I went to the park with my other nan and the kiddies today, too!

Good day for cardio it where's that leftover wine?


  1. my backless top is my favorite top ever! it's so nice on a hot day, isnt it? its sexy but still modest imo :)

    cant wait to hang out!

  2. Anonymous8/23/2011

    im so late commenting on this one! That top is hella cute! lovin the back! Never have i ever played never have i ever!

    p.s. sooooooo everything i said yesterday about a new boi totally got demolished. new dramz to write about in tomorrows lo0ove blog! you'll have to read. ahah fml

  3. i adore the top, the rips in the back are amazing!

  4. Anonymous8/25/2011

    that shirt looks awesome on you! I wish had the self confidence to wear a bikini! Kudos to you :P