nautical nelly

{Outfit Details}
Striped Shirt- Envy
Grey Tank - Forever 21
Long Shorts - Suzy Shier
Skinny Belt - Ardene
Peep Toe Wedges - Payless
Beaded Bracelet - Forever 21
Black Hoops - Gifted

There's something about navy, white and red that makes me think nautical everytime. I always feel I should have my hair in suicide rolls and and be wearing a billowy white skirt while looking out over the stern...or is it bow? The front. Like on Titanic. Or were they on the back? (I've never actually seen that movie. I know, I'm ashamed)
However, my hair is hopeless, I don't have a white skirt (gotta fix that!) and the closest body of water to me is Long Pond...

If you notice my squinting and the shadows, Mr. Sun poked half his head out today, but I didn't have the chance to go past this rock in my backyard sadly. Fridays John works a horrid 3pm-11 shift so the whole day its just me and the kiddies home.

For those who don't know me I think it's a little early into the relationship for you to meet my babes. Maybe after a few more dates. Unless it's somewhere really fancy, then we're talking.


  1. Anonymous8/12/2011

    I lovelovelovelove this. I have an off-white shirt like that with dark blue stripes! and its not as a loosey goose one (which sucks for me :() but yeah! I would have loooooved to see some LIPSTICK!! red lips would look so fab with this amazing outfit.

  2. Hi There! Thank you for stopping by the only asian girl who may have ever burned rice's blog! LOL! Love your style and so glad you decided to start a blog! It's quite new and I think you are doing a great job!!