{Outfit Details}
Believe it or not, and totally by fluke, EVERYTHING I'm wearing is Forever 21.
Dress, Belt, Sunglasses, Sandals, Ring & Earrings.
(It's my favorite store can't ya tell?)

[No pics of my undies, but thanks for the thought wind.]

I LOVE the heat. I always tell people "I could live in Florida and never think about the snow once." Which is totally true, but I would miss Autumn. A lot. But summer days like today I hate.
The mug, (humid for normal folk) it gets to me. I feel all sticky and tired.
If I "happen" to fall on a couch, I blame the stickiness for my being unable to get up. (Good excuse! Don't steal it!)

As promised, I take the kids to the park any day of the summer we're A: not bombarded with things to do and B: it's not raining. So we went. It took me forever to choose this simple outfit. I never know what to wear in the mug. Even as little as possible seems to be too hot.
What do you guys wear when it's muggy?

I thought about going naked...but decided to scar a few less children today ;)


  1. meghan godwin.8/29/2011

    I absolutely adore this outfit. Like I can't even explain how nice this looks on you! perfect for muggy gross days like this!

  2. I could only wear pajamas! But a dress works too!

  3. Anonymous8/30/2011

    I love the last picture! :D

  4. Anonymous8/30/2011

    soooooo adorable!! the heat was insane. i like summer, and i swear i was suppose to be a cali girl, but i looooove winter. :D

  5. hey girl,
    love your smile in the first pic,

    and yes! date please!
    i need to set a date with jeff first, then ill let you know.
    is there any days when you are free to do lunch and maybe then we could take some pics! :)

    what do you think?