life lessons

I was going to put this under my last outfit post but decided it needed its own post.
I know this is a hard topic to discuss most times, so I tread lightly. These are my opinions and you may or may not agree but self-esteem/happiness/body image is something I am working on personally, and know girls and guys alike are working on too.
I feel this quote says it all pretty well.

I'm not perfect, no one is. Everyone has days when they've unhappy with themselves, it's a part of life. Why waste it trying to be someone else? You'll never become the amazing person you are if you don't believe in yourself. Give yourself a chance to prove what it can be, you might just be pleasantly surprised. Please, don't make goals for yourself that you know are unattainable, it'll only lead to a self set-up of disappointment. (By this I mean- don't tell yourself that you'll be just like Jennifer Lopez one day. You can be as successful, beautiful and as wealthy..etc. if you try, but the only person who will be Jennifer Lopez fully, is herself.)

You are beautiful inside and out. Everyone is a work of art in constant progress.

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  1. So true! Love this post, Kel. xo