I finally did it! I started a blog.

It's finally here! My very first blog post! I'm so excited to share my style and my ramblings of life with you guys. (I hope at least two people are reading this so the plural is accurate!)

I originally wanted to release my first post on July 18th, but the day before, I was doing inventory of my closet to assess what I have and don't have (that are necessities for my wardrobe, ie. black cardi, pencil skirt, not my wants) so i could start my blog with fresh knowledge of whats in my warbrobe. I placed my camera on my bed *still on, shutter lens out fully*. As I plop on the bed to write down what I just took a picture of I hear a "crunch". Yep, you guessed it. My big ol' butt squashed the shutter into itself and my inventory as well as the blog came to a halt. SOMEHOW it took the camera guy 3 WEEKS to fix it (hrmphhh) and I only received it yesterday.

(I still can't believe I'm writing my first post!) They all won't be near as long as this, I promise. I've had this all pent up for 3 weeks remember! Besides, you guys only came here for the outfits anyways right?
To the left are some pages of my daily reads/inspirations for everything blog and style related as well and some info about me, faqs (which I will update as I get more questions) and my love list, which shows what I'm currently crushing on. I plan to update the love list page every second Monday and outfits everyday (or as humanly possible) starting tomorrow so stay tuned!

Everyone who is reading please leave a comment/join me on facebook/twitter so I can thank you and get to know you better! Even if we already know each other in person, my other readers may not know you so introduce yourselves to them too! IF (and that's a big if) I get 50 followers I'm going to have a giveaway! Its something I've always wanted to do and who doesn't love free stuff?

Thank you for bearing with me as I get my feet steady here, I love you guys and I can feel this is the start of a beautiful blogosphere friendship.

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