after the rain

{Outfit Details}
Dress - Envy
Cami - Forever 21
Flats - Go Jane
Studs - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Forever 21

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My husband asked me "Why do you post pictures everyday?". The answer was simple... it makes me happy. I enjoy reading everyone's comments, being inspired by others and challenging myself to mix and match everything I own.

If the answer came so easily then, why am I getting stressed about blogging lately?
My mind was blank last night and struggled to come up with something to type. I've been craving more clothes and 'brand names' to show others I'm worthy of a 'Style Blogger' title. My HTML isn't the greatest and whole blog layout looks too plain right now.

Luckily my nana (who graciously gives me all my vintage items) had invited me and the fam over for supper. Being with my grandparents and in their house puts me at ease. Love and kindness radiate from them and it's hard not to be cheered up. When the rain cleared up I went to their backyard to take these pictures and remembered all the great memories I have with so many people in that yard. It put a smile on my face, and I got some really good pictures.

I do a lot of deep thinking in that house and the results are always humbling. I realized that sometimes I'll have writers block and whatever I come up with is genuine regardless how it sounds. I have amazing support from friends, family and other bloggers that visit and comment because they enjoy reading and seeing what I wear each day. My blog is to show people that you can look good on any budget, wearing any brand name. Only a small percentage of people can afford to wear all 'brand names' and can you imagine the clothes you could get for one pair of Louboutins? No one comes to critique the HTML, my fonts or layout. It's only week two of this blog and I have a lot of tweaking to do yet, but I'll get there. I could stay up all night designing and trying to look the best but what for? Absolutely nothing.

I have to remind myself that I do this because I love it. If I stress over the small things it'll all become a chore and this blog will fail, and royally suck. I want to continue blogging for a long time. You guys have to help me stay on track because
I really, really hate chores.

[Hey, you skipped! Get back up and read that! ... just kidding]


  1. Angela M8/18/2011

    Kelly, I look for your outfit post on fb everyday! I love your pics... you and your outfits are adorable! Don't be discouraged! Also, I know what you mean about nan and pops house, so comforting. :)

  2. I think you look great and this dress looks nice! There are a lot of fashion blogs out there, just take your time and you'll find your way through it, along with the fantastic readers who will support you and what you have to wear and write!

  3. Anonymous8/18/2011

    There are sooo many fashion blogs now days. Why? Because people like you and me ENJOY them. And not all blogs have to be HTML'D to shit, like this isn't myspace. So don't even fret over that. People are going to keep coming back to your blogs for your genuine WORDS as well as to see what you wear. It's just fun. And i like knowing that anything you're wearing i could totally afford to add to my closet at any moment. (except keeping up with your shoe collection would be expensive because you have so many!!)
    But i love this dress, i looove the first picture, and i loved yesterdays on and off rain! Keep posting, Kelly! My blogs are each once a week ones, i know it's MUCH harder to do one EVERYday. But remember to have fun! Do NOT let it become a chore!! :) loveyou.

  4. Anonymous8/18/2011

    Hi look so beautiful in the outfit, and the pics are so natural. I'm so glad you have your nan and pop! =)