in the navy

{Outfit Details}
Shirt - Bootlegger
Leggings - Forever 21
Boots - Walmart
Belt - Ardene
Bangles - Forever 21
Ring - Forever 21
Earrings - Forever 21

I feel like I've been wearing a lot of navy lately...or is that just me? Tomorrow I'll tone it up, promise! Plus I haven't worn heels in like 2 days now. Sheesh! Need to get on that..

I'll have the opportunity for heels when I go to my university tomorrow morning. I have an interview for a job placement for tuition under a department at the uni. Hope I get into either French or English (my double major) Betcha didn't know that huh?
I know if I spend as much time working as I do on my phone or the interwebs I'll be rollin' in... vouchers?

But for now I've got to catch up on 'Weeds' and the season finale of 'Pretty Little Liars' (It's gonna be GOOD)What shows do you guys never miss/ recommend? I've gotten in 'The Lying Game ' lately, and oh yah! I'm behind on that too..

Well, there goes the promise I made to the laundry. Sorry guys, you're sleeping on the floor for one more night.


{Outfit Details}
Top - Yesstyle
Skirt - Urban Planet
Sandals - Forever 21
Earrings - Forever 21
Bracelets - Forever 21

Ever have a day when at the end of it, you had no idea what happened. (And I'm not talking about having too much wine..if there is such a thing!) I literally threw this on, all unmatched (in my old opinion, but I'm still expanding so give me time!) and was almost late for my girlies doctors appointment. Thank God for half hour wait beforehand.
Between the docs, the park, nanas house, the gym and everything in between today was hectic.

BUT BUT I did however, get a new present from hubby. Remember the last line in this post?
my coveted iPhone4

I love moving over the info and contacts and everything so I'm gonna go play with my new baby.
Hope everyone has a good night/day wherever you are ! :)


{Outfit Details}
Believe it or not, and totally by fluke, EVERYTHING I'm wearing is Forever 21.
Dress, Belt, Sunglasses, Sandals, Ring & Earrings.
(It's my favorite store can't ya tell?)

[No pics of my undies, but thanks for the thought wind.]

I LOVE the heat. I always tell people "I could live in Florida and never think about the snow once." Which is totally true, but I would miss Autumn. A lot. But summer days like today I hate.
The mug, (humid for normal folk) it gets to me. I feel all sticky and tired.
If I "happen" to fall on a couch, I blame the stickiness for my being unable to get up. (Good excuse! Don't steal it!)

As promised, I take the kids to the park any day of the summer we're A: not bombarded with things to do and B: it's not raining. So we went. It took me forever to choose this simple outfit. I never know what to wear in the mug. Even as little as possible seems to be too hot.
What do you guys wear when it's muggy?

I thought about going naked...but decided to scar a few less children today ;)

dont worry, be happy

{Outfit Details}
Top - Urban Planet
Jean Skirt - (Self refashioned too big F21 jeans)
Shoes - Payless
Flats (Below) - Go Jane
Belt - Ardene
Necklace - Reitmans
Earrings - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Forever 21

If you didn't notice I put on flats half way through the day to do errands. I'm pretty sure you all know by now, these are my favorite sunglasses and I always switch to flats on Sunday- my errand day!

On top of the usual, today was also a thinking kind of day. With school, kids starting daycare, blogging, work starting and tuition coming up everything seems to be snowballing. Thank God for the sun, and Irene's lack of showing herself.
I had a nice coffee and walk with an old friend, and get serenaded by another.
Every little good thing and every kind person helps at times like these.
I'm truly blessed to be surrounded by the greatest people in the world.

Why worry? "Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy."

leggy lady

{Outfit Details}
Ruffle Top - (Gifted)
Skirt - Bootlegger
Shoes - Coconuts (via Winners)
Purse - Bentley
Necklace - (Gifted)
Ring - Vintage (Gifted)
Gold Studs - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Forever 21

I've been loving the comments from everyone lately! (Thank you all here, and on fb!)
Even hubby's been telling me I'm looking good and even more toned. (I better ... I've been working my ass off for the last 10 months!) I've been seeing a difference in the way I walk in heels/wedges, since my legs are stronger.

That, and I have 'big leg' genes...does that even make sense to you? Let's just say I've never been able to wear pull on boots or ankle bracelets because my calves/ankle combo have always been like posts.
BUT miracles do happen and I bought some cute boots for the fall today that zip up all the way in back, and tada! they fit like a charm. I'm dying to wear them with skirts, knee high socks and cardigans this semester at university!

I've never been more excited for school to start as I have this year.
Oh the possibilities :)

storm watch

{Outfit Details}
Sheer Top - Urban Planet
Tank - Forever 21
Skirt - (Self Made)
Shoes - Two Lips (Gifted)
Earrings - Forever 21
Bracelet - Vintage (Gifted)

Ever since Irene made her grand appearance I've been on storm watch. Waiting for, but praying that the rain doesn't come. Today she showered us a bit, and laughed as she poured during my only opportunity to take photos.
At least I have an umbrella!

And hubby said "Yay a prop!" ... I think he's getting bored of the same poses and no 'props'.
This isn't a theatre baby, it's a style blog! I'm not even a purse holding girl (as you've probably noticed.)

Maybe I'm just waiting for the right purse to sweep me off my feet...

wedgewood park

{Outfit Details}
Top - Forever 21
Shorts - Old Navy
Wedges - Payless
Belt - Ardene
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Earrings - Handmade in Cuba (Gifted)

Contrary to the title, this is not Wedgewood Park. (Which we do, in fact have here.) I was however in a park with wedges. I'm pretty sure everyone was flabbergasted I wore wedges to the park, judging by the stares and whispers from everyone...ESPECIALLY mothers.

What's wrong with wearing comfortable wedges out with my kids? Sure I can't run as fast, but I can't really run in sneakers either! They still had fun and hubby was in tow (for the 3rd time this summer---new record!) so I could sit down for once and watch.

Then I stumbled on this post by Kendi and apparently I'm doing the 'mother attire' wrong.
Belt? Check. Heels? Check.

Hmm 2/4 that's still a pass right?

black, white & red all over

{Outfit Details}
Lace Tank - Urban Planet
White Tank - Forever 21
Skirt - Forever 21
Belt - Ardene
Shoes - Payless
Butterfly Ring - Forever 21
Bangles - Forever 21
Earrings - Suzy Shier
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Purse - Bentley

Today was lovely!
I had a nice visit from my cousin who just got back from teaching overseas, my girlie went for a sleepover so my boy and I played in the backyard, then my best guy friend and I went to dinner at Boston Pizza.
Mmmm my fav? Tropical Chicken! I don't like pizza sauce or pepperoni, so this pizza has Alfredo sauce instead and chicken, three cheeses, bacon, pineapple & yummy goodness! Washed down with a Strawberry Daiquiri!

To work all that off we went for a doggie walk. We ran on foot then ran into swarms of flies. Then halfway around the pond I realized I lost my phone! Thank God we knew where we ran and I had that little green light on the Blackberry.

I still want an iPhone. (Hint hint hubby...)

easy does it

{Outfit Details}
Cardigan - Walmart
Racerback Tank- Forever21
Jeans - American Eagle
Cowboy Boots - Spring
Belt - Ardene
Stud Earrings - Forever21
Headband - Forever21

See my beautiful garden there in front? It takes a lot of work to make it look that ugly, people! Yeah, I'm no gardener or ever plan on being one. Sorry for the bad quality and uncropped goodness you see before you. I was rushing out the door, it was 730pm, raining/cloudy/foggy.

With the weather being what it is, this outfit was an easy one today. Hubby always says he likes me in 'jeans and a t-shirt'...wait what? Does that mean he doesn't like me in anything else!? But this isn't even a t-shirt! Hmmm...
Just kidding.

I've been doing that a lot lately...and talking to myself... and laughing at my own jokes.
Maybe I'm over anxious for school to start so I can get rid of this 'house fever' (we don't own a cabin!)


Currently crushing . . .

Bright Neons!
{Buy: Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Hair Bands, Earrings, Belt, Sunglasses, Wallet, Watch}

I'm loving neons for the summer. Especially mixing them! It takes a bit of guts with such brights, but I love the result everytime!

never have i ever

{Outfit Details}
Top - Urban Planet
Bikini - Walmart
Cuffed Shorts - Bootlegger
Gladiators - Forever 21
Belt - Levi's
Hoops - Forever 21
Ring - Vintage (Gifted)
Sunglasses - Forever 21

Ever play the game 'Never Have I Ever'? Well, never have I ever wore a top without a back in it. This blogging has gotten me to wear a bikini AND a backless the end of this I'll be wearing nothing! (Just kidding!) I'm glad my wardrobe is more versatile and forgiving then it ever was.
I feel fearless with fashion lately and I love it.

I didn't however, feel like going to the gym tonight and wanted to visit my grandparents. So I decided I'd walk there instead of drive to get my cardio in. I put on the trusty iPod video, and walked to the beat (channeling adele are we?) Plus I went to the park with my other nan and the kiddies today, too!

Good day for cardio it where's that leftover wine?

sunday best

{Outfit Details}
Cardigan - Forever 21 (Gifted)
Ruffle Shirt - Suzy Shier
Skirt - Suzy Shier
Flats - Go Jane
Pearls - Vintage (Gifted)
Ring - Vintage (Gifted)
Sunglasses - Forever 21

Thanks to the sun (I know, again with the weather... I need a new topic) I got a lot accomplished today! We did the normal Sunday routine of church-lunch-costco-walmart-sobeys, plus we got the cars washed, played outdoors and I took my little girl swimming in the evening!

I'm also proud to say, I wore a bikini without shame for the first time in 3 years. Well, the bottoms are like 'boy-shorts' but I bared my middrift with the culprit of the stretch marks in tow. It took 3 long years but I'm very proud of all the hard work I've done to get there.

Bonus points? I convinced my hubby to go on a little drive until I found a location for today's pictures! He suggested this place and, bravo! Good eye hubby. It was a good day for all.

Now to end it in an even better way...lazing around with blueberry wine and a movie!

candy striper

{Outfit Details}
Dress - Zara
Wedges - Walmart
Earrings - Forever 21
Bow Headband - Forever 21
Bracelet - (Some Boutique in Dublin)
Lipstick - Maybeline ("Are You Red-dy")

When I first bought this outfit my then best friends said I looked like a candy striper. If you're unclear, it's one of these ladies. Basically a volunteer, nurses lackey, who looks like a candy cane.
Humph. I love this dress and always have. There's always worse to look like then a candy cane nurse right?

Rockin' the red lips for the first time with some encouragement from my lady friends! (Hope it works, what do you think?) Plus this outfit makes me feel so retro and I end up singing Patsy Cline while cooking supper. Again, giving the neighbors A: a good show or B: a good laugh.
More than likely a combination of both...
oh well.

black & blue

{Outfit Details}
Shirt - Old Navy (Thrifted)
Shorts - Forever 21
Shoes - Payless
Necklace - (Some Boutique In Dublin)
Earrings - Forever 21
Ring - Forever 21
Bangles - Forever 21
Aviators - Forever 21

Short and sweet today guys!
Remember my run a mile post? Well these are another pair of heels I could run in. They always dress up a simple outfit, like today's! With flats this could be a totally different outfit.
My boy was sick today so I'm lucky to be dressed and have an hour during his nap to run outside and take these pictures.
(This is RIGHT in front of my house, so no, I didn't drive and leave him alone...)

Actually, I'm lucky to be showered as well since my shower is on the fritz and makes a flood on the dining room table everytime someone showers. You know I haven't when I wear my hair in a ponytail...or when I'm being lazy.

Too much info?