Hey guys! 

I've been on a semi-hiatus lately. After the wedding, and some unmentionable changes in my life, I've been enjoying the weather with my friends and family. This has been the best summer we've seen in decades. The humidex and UV levels have been off the charts! 

Here are a few iPhone snaps the hub took when we were out for a Sunday drive with the kiddies. The next nice day, I'll get a real outfit photo-op in! I've been dressing quite well lately and have been eager to share.

Much love, :)

{FOREVER 21 cardi, sunnies & belt, URBAN PLANET dress, SPRING wedges}

ps: I had spandex shorts on underneath if you're wondering. Being tall + dresses = tops, pretty much. 


I'm obsessed I tell you. #obsessed.

With both Pinterest, and colored pants. But ya'll new that!

Colored pants are the only way to go any day. I have so many pairs, but never know how to style the top without being overbearing.. but I say anything goes nowadays! 
When your legs look like crayons, the top is only to make sure you dont look like a full crayon..or are naked.
(No one liked a half shaved crayon as a kid did they?)

Pinterest is telling me however, that a similar shade lighter, or a white is the way to go, with one more accent color.

I'm feeling color crazy lately so stay tuned for some colored pants! (besides the red and blue.. i always g0 with the red and blue)

playing with pastels

{BLAZER vintage, TOP costco, LEGGINGS forever 21, BOOTS aldo,
BAG bentley, SCARF ardene, EARRINGS gifted by mama}

As you can tell by the last 47375 pictures (okay, exaggerating) it's been windy here! But it has been the best summer we've seen in a long while, so I am NOT going to complain.
This just explains my hair all summer long.

Courtney gave me this blazer, and I fell in love. Thanks Court! (What are best friends for eh?)
I switched out the buttons for a contrasting black and took it in on the sides. I immediately thought of this scarf and shirt, to play up a pastel tone.

This outfit reminds me of fall.
This does not mean I'm ready for you.. I just like your outfits.